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3 Home Maintenance Tips for the New Year
Your home is a huge investment. Want to protect it?

Here are three home maintenance tips that can help:
  1. Clean out your gutters. Clogged gutters can cause damage to your roof, siding, foundation, yard, and more.
  2. Get an annual HVAC check-up. This can prevent the need for costly repairs (or a broken A/C in the heat of summer). You should also change out your air filters monthly.
  3. Trim trees near your home's exterior. A strong wind or storm could topple these over and damage your house.
You might also consider installing a water leak protection system. These can help you avoid costly leaks and prevent water damage.
How to Protest Your Property Taxes
Is your property tax bill too high? You don't have to take it lying down.

Let's talk. I can pull comparable sales data to see what your home was worth in last year's market.

If the value is less than what your bill says it was, then you may have grounds to protest it. Contact your local appraisal district and find out what the process is for filing a protest (it varies by county and state). You may need to attend a formal hearing, though in many cases, it can be done entirely online. 

The process typically takes only a few weeks.
Holiday Decor Storage Tips
Busy un-trimming that tree? Not sure where to store delicate decorations or how to pack them safely for next year's holiday season?

These tips can help:
  • Use a storage wheel to store your lights. This keeps them from getting tangled and makes it easier to unroll them next year.
  • Wrap your tree in plastic wrap. It protects the tree and also makes it more compact for storage.
  • Stow ornaments in egg cartons. This will protect them from breakage and make stacking a breeze.
If you have an extra closet (or an extra rack in one), consider hanging your wreaths in there, too. This can keep them from getting damaged.
Lynn Caldwell
313.884.2293 (Direct)

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